Treatment Modalities

Acupuncture and Tui Na (推拿) massage are the two main components of our Diploma courses. The process of treatment will involve carrying out a full diagnosis of the patients condition followed by generating a treatment protocol using these two methods of treatment. Alongside this, in a supporting role are various other therapeutic modalities which we also look at with students. These are useful for the treatment of specific conditions and serve to expand the therapists repertoire of useful techniques.


Moxibustion or Jiu (灸) is the burning of dried mugwort over a patient’s body in order to help generate warmth, movement of energy and the expulsion of certain forms of stagnation. The herb is either burned in long cigar-shaped tubes near to the surface of the body or else it is burned on the end of Acupuncture needles or on the body with the use of a slice of ginger as a barrier. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) the use of mugwort in this manner helps to clear Cold-based illness as well as nourish Yang (陽). In ancient styles of treatment mugwort was also said to invigorate the spirit of a patients Blood as well as van quick eveil spirits.


The placement of suction cups onto a patients body is a common part of many Chinese medical treatments. The vacuum generated by the cupping helps to move stagnant Blood and Qi (氣) within the body as well as expel pathogenic energies from the bodies surface. They can be used in conjunction with Acupuncture and Tui Na (推拿) to assist in the treatment of environmental-based disease as well as musculoskeletal conditions. They can also be used as a standalone therapy in many cases. Just remember to tell your patients that the cups will leave a strange mark on your back for a couple of days afterwards!

Gua Sha

Gua Sha (刮痧) is a therapy which involves the light scraping of the patients skin with a special object designed for this purpose. The treatment helps to unbind the soft tissues of the body and release stagnant Blood which has accumulated around an injury site or a localised source of energetic stagnation. Gua Sha (刮痧) is commonly used alongside Tui Na (推拿) and Acupuncture for many conditions.