The three-year-long Diploma course is divided up into seven key modules. Each module must be successfully passed in order to complete the course. Passing a module depends on successful completion of the assessment tasks as well as approval from the teachers who will be continuously observing the students’ progression throughout their training.

The Modules

While some lessons will clearly be focused round a particular module, it will often be the case that two or more modules overlap each other and so some modules will be taught in short bursts over the entire duration of the course. Alongside each module’s classroom teaching, students will be required to complete tasks, including reading and writing essays, which will complete the required learning for each module element.

  • Chinese Medicine Theory 1
  • Chinese Medicine Theory 2
  • Diagnostics
  • Jing Luo Studies
  • Practice of Acupuncture
  • Treatment of Disease
  • Medical Energetics
  • Tui Na

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