6 – Medical Energetics

Module 6 – Medical Energetics

It was always an important aspect of Chinese medicine that each practitioner learnt how to develop their awareness and own inner state. This module will use a combination of philosophical teachings, classical texts and Qi Gong exercises to help students understand the nature of their own inner state. Each student will be given the tools required to begin developing their own personal practice so that they may become as efficient a practitioner as possible. The ethics and nature of being a therapist will also be looked at along with the subject of reflective practice. Note that students will have been practicing Qi Gong already throughout the course but now they begin to look at the inner developmental aspects of the art in relation to their role as a therapist.

It was long a classical aspect of Chinese medicine study that students learnt who to access and control their own energetic system. As well as this they had to learn to cultivate its quality to the highest level possible. This was to ensure that any transition that took place during treatment was as beneficial as possible to the patient. It also helped with the largest issue within therapists face which is energetic burnout through absorbing the negative Qi from their patients. In this module students will learn who to work and and control their own energetic health through guided exercises and Qi Gong training.

Concepts of the mind according to Daoist philosophy will also be looked at along with the principles of Yang Sheng Fa or ‘life nourishing’ in order to ensure that students are always looking to develop their inner state further.

  • Qi Gong (Specialist Medical Syllabus)
  • Yang Sheng (Specialist Medical Syllabus)
  • Post Treatment Dao Yin (Prescription Exercises)
  • Pathogenic Movements (Experience of Imbalance)
  • Burnout (Awareness and Protection)
  • Wei Qi (Purification and Projection)