4 – Practice of Acupuncture

Module 4 – Practice of Acupuncture

Here students will learn how to carry out complete treatments under the supervision of the tutor as well as independently. This module will also include advanced theory of treatment of specific conditions.

During this module students will be taken deeper into the treatment of individual body systems. Each key system will be looked at along with common disharmonies that may develop and how to treat them according to various modalities. Treatment will be discussed according to Acupuncture, Tui Na massage, Cupping, Moxa and Guasha scraping.

More esoteric aspects of treatment will also be looked at including spirit-based diseases, possession treatments and destiny-related disorders.

  • Needle Safety (Ethics, Safety, Contraindications, Control, Manipulations)
  • Consultation Skills (Dealing with Patients)
  • Tai Yang Needles (Flushing the Exterior)
  • Hou Tian Mai Needling (Classical Balancing Method)
  • Cupping (Principles and Methods)
  • Guasha (Principles, Methods and Sha)
  • Auricular (Principles and Methods)
  • Jiu & Heat (Moxa, Principles and Methods)
  • Needle Skills (Methods, Practice and Manipulation)