5 – Treatment of Disease

Module 5 – Treatment of Disease

In this module students will look at the more ancient theories of Chinese medicine. These theories will include teachings from the classical texts of the Su Wen (simple questions), the Ling Shu (the spiritual pivot), the Nan Jing (difficult questions) and Daoist philosophical texts. Students will be guided into a study of the texts as well as looking at the more esoteric aspects of acupuncture including seasonal and time-based practice. This is a chance for students to begin to understand the cultural beliefs and practices of the people who initially develop Acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

  • Prescription Building (Point Categories, Usage, Combinations)
  • Possession (Ghosts, Spirits, Death, External and Internal Possession)
  • Musculoskeletal (Pattern Identification, Treatment)
  • Emotional Treatments (Identification and Treatment, Processing)
  • Gynaecology (Pattern Identification, Treatment)
  • Ming Disease (Karmic, Destiny, Direction, Purpose)
  • Respiratory (Pattern Identification, Treatment)
  • Digestive (Pattern Identification, Treatment)
  • Neurological (Pattern Identification, Treatment)
  • Xing Disease (Inherent Makeup, Higher Purpose, Enlightenment)
  • Dermatology (Pattern Identification, Treatment)
  • Daoist Disease (Esoteric Foundations of Imbalance)
  • Paediatrics (Specialist Child Treatment, Dosage, Energetics)
  • Cancer Treatment (Foundational Principles of Treatment)