Diploma Training

3 Year Diploma in Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture)

The three-year long Diploma which is offered by XCDM is a complete and professional course which will qualify you to work professionally as a practitioner of Chinese medicine within the UK. Upon qualification you will become a member of the CMA and be eligible for full insurance to practice Acupuncture and associated modalities at a professional level.

The course will take place on a part-time basis with students attending several long-weekends each academic year. On these courses you will receive theoretical and practical teaching from the two main teachers of the college, Damo Mitchell and Rob Aspell. These teachings will ensure that students complete each of the seven modules which are required in order to qualify at the end of the course. Various assessments are carried for each module and they must all be passed to a satisfactory standard in order to progress with the training. Students are required to attend each training session as the information on these courses is essential to ensure that students cover all of the information they require to become competent practitioners of Chinese medicine.

Anatomy and Physiology

All subjects will be taught on these courses but students will also have to complete a suitable qualification in A&P (Anatomy and Physiology) either before or alongside the Diploma course in order to satisfy the governing body’s requirements. We can direct students towards these courses when they apply to train with us.

Observational Placements

Students on the course are required to complete 90 hours practical self-dircted work which take the form of a combination of observational placements and therapeutic treatments over the course of the Diploma (30 hours per year) and these hours will go towards final assessment of students competence at the end of the training.

Course Duration

The course involves 22 days per year which are spread over several extended courses. These training days are taught alongside the 30 hours observational placements which must be completed each year.

  • Year 1 – 22 days training + 30 hours observational placements or case studies
  • Year 2 – 22 days training + 30 hours observational placements or case studies
  • Year 3 – 22 days training + 30 hours observational placements or case studies

This makes for a total of 66 days training and 90 hours observational placements and case studies

Assessments on the Course

Students will be asked to complete an assessed task for each of the seven modules on the course. To be awarded the Diploma students must have completed each assessed task during the three year period.

Student requirements

Students must support their class learning by undertaking extensive guided reading at home. This reading will be to assist students with moving deeper into the subjects covered in classes.