Dates and Prices

Yellow EmperorEach academic year of the Diploma course is split into five main training events. Each of these events is held in the UK and taught by both Damo and Rob. Each year is divided up as follows:

  • session 1 – six days
  • session 2 – four days
  • session 3 – four days
  • session 4 – four days
  • session 5 – four days

These dates are spread through the year, making for a total of twenty-two days of face-to-face teaching each year.

For the exact dates for each year please see elsewhere on the site.

The training days run from 9am until 5pm with Qi Gong taught in the evenings from 7pm until 9pm on some of the days.

The cost for each year is £2,000 – split into two payments. The first payment is due on the first event of each year and the second halfway through each year of study.

Note that we are much cheaper than many other Chinese medicine colleges. This is because we do not own our premises. Instead, we hire public training locations in the South of the UK. This enables us to keep costs down and therefore not exclude those on a low income from our training.