Meridian AncientAt the current time, we are offering a three-year-long Diploma in Acupuncture. The next starting date for this course is August 2016. Our Diploma is a professional qualification that will enable those who qualify with us to practise acupuncture, Tui Na and other related therapies in the UK.

Three-Year Diploma

Our main course at the Xian Tian College is the three-year-long Diploma in Chinese Medicine. This course focuses primarily on the practices of acupuncture and Tui Na medical massage and is supported by several other modalities. Students study with us part-time over three years, with training offered in extended events of four to six days spread across each year.

Training and assessment ensure that students leave the course skilled in the subject of Chinese medicine as well as safe and competent to practise professionally. Students study the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) system of treatment as well as many aspects of Ancient Chinese Medicine (ACM), which provides a more esoteric and classical approach to treatment. Rather than focusing on a Western medical version of Acupuncture, we teach a way of practice much closer to the original philosophy of the ancient Chinese.

Please look around our site for more detailed information on the three-year-long Diploma course we offer through the Xiantian college.

Medical Energetics Practice

Alongside our Chinese medicine Diploma, we also have the Medical Energetics programme, which has been designed by Damo Mitchell. This system is drawn from his lifetime study of the internal arts – namely Qi Gong, Nei Gong and Nei Dan. These practices are then taught in a way that is relevant to practitioners of Chinese medicine so that they may learn to connect with, understand and govern the flow of Qi and Shen within their own and their patients’ body. Rather than simply paying ‘lip service’ to the subject of Qi, as is the case in many colleges, students within Xiantian study this programme as a continuing aspect of their training.

All students taking part in the three-year-long Diploma will study Medical Energetics practice as a part of their training. In the future, this aspect of the school may be offered as a stand-alone course but, at the moment, it is only for our Diploma students.

Professional Development Events

We do not wish to foster the attitude that, once a person has completed their initial acupuncture training, they have no more to learn. Chinese medicine is a continuing study that grows throughout the rest of a practitioner’s life. This growth takes place as experience is developed as well as on further training events. At the Xiantian College, we will soon offer weekends and extended events for practitioners of Chinese medicine who are already qualified as well as students of our Diploma training. These events will cover advanced and rare aspects of Chinese medical practice.

More information on these courses will be put up on the site in the future, so please our website regularly.