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The Xiantian (先天) College of Chinese Medicine (XCCM) is a newly-established organisation which will be teaching courses in various aspects of Chinese medicine to a professional level, beginning in 2016. The college was established by long-time Daoist teacher Damo Mitchell and experienced Chinese medical practitioner Rob Aspell. The aim was to establish a place where students could come to learn Chinese medicine – both conventional TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) style and more classical esoteric practices, independent from university establishments.

Three-Year-Long Diploma in the South of the UK

The main focus of the college is in teaching three-year-long Diploma-level courses in combined Chinese medicine with a strong emphasis on classical principles and technical skill in diagnosis and treatment of disease according to the underlying ethos of both Chinese medicine and Daoism. Read More

In the video above a selection of students give their first impressions of training with the Xian Tian college on our three year long Diploma in Chinese medicine

Xian Tian

The term Xiantian (先天) is an important philosophical concept as well as a form of categorisation within alchemical Daoism. It is often translated as meaning ‘pre-Heaven’ or ‘original Heaven’. In this case, ‘Heaven’ is referring to the more Yang aspect of human existence – namely the mind. The concept of ‘Heaven’ being in its ‘original’ state is a reference to a pure mental state, free from conditioned thinking, imbalance and disease.

Classical Theory


Tui Na

Other Methods

A Mixed Approach…

One of the most unique aspects of the Xiantian College is our mixed approach to the study of Chinese medicine. Students at the College will study TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) as well as more energy-based methods, which are classed as ACM (Ancient Chinese Medicine)

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